Teen Drivers Education


All Ages Driving School services the Houston Area to give you the top rated Driving School experience. Through this program the student will receive the most comprehensive training from our highly trained and qualified instructors. Teen Drivers Education consist of 2 Phases that are detailed below.

Phase 1 - In Class Instruction

During the classroom phase of the program, the student will attend 2 hours of class each day for 16 days for a total of 32 hours. Our instructors use the latest technology and instructional pedagogy to give the student the best learning experience. Topics include Traffic Laws, Driver Preparation, Distractions, Alcohol and Drug Awareness as well as consumer and driver responsibility. A minimum of a 70 on all course work is required to pass the course to receive a DE964 certificate. Check our class schedule to find a location and time near you.

Documents Needed when getting Learners License (Permit)

Phase 2 - In Car Instruction

Students are required to have a permit before beginning Phase 2 of the Teen Drivers Education Program. The permit is gained after the 3rd day of class and successfully passing the Permit Test and obtaining their learners license at the DPS. Phase 2 is composed of 7 drive times of 2 hours which include 1 hour of driving and 1 hour of observing for a total of 14 hours (7 drive 7 observe). During each session the student will be graded based on their performance during the lesson. Before each session an instructor will review previous lesson grades and determine the best course of action for that lesson. After the 3rd or 4th lesson if a student is not progressing at the expected rate a letter will be sent home to the parent detailing areas that need improvement. By the end of the 7th drive lesson a student should have progressed well enough to pass the Road Test which can be taken at any All Ages Driving School location or at the DPS office. 

Teen Requirements to take Road Test as a Teen

Teen Drivers Education Packages

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Community Safety Education Act Video

Community Safety Education Act PowerPoint