Dear Parents, Students and Community

Distant Learning Introduction

If you are interested in completing Teen or adult Drivers Education through Distant Learning, All Ages Driving School has all your needs covered. While schools are closed during the Coronavirus Crisis we are offering an alternative to getting your child the Drivers Education they need. Next Teen Course 04/06/2020.

Distant Learning Information


How do I sign up?

You can visit any of our locations to purchase and register yourself or child for our Teen or Adult Education Courses. You can also buy from our website and visit your nearest location to sign a contract.

I'm signed Up, Now what?

Once you have registered for the course you may begin work on the course content. The manager will provide you all the information(Distant Learning Packet) you need to get started. Important things you will need to complete the course from home is Internet, email address and phone number to contact.

How soon can I finish my hours?

If you are a teen you can only earn a max of 2 hours credit per day over a period of 16 days. Once you have completed the 16 days and finished all assignments with a passing grade along with passing test scores you will get full credit for Phase 1 of the Teen Drivers Education Course. If you are an adult you can finish your 6 hours in one day, once you turn in your assignments and pass the permit test you will be give a DE form to get your permit.

When do I get my Permit?

Teens can get their DE-964 form when the complete the 3rd day(6 hours) of class and have recieved a passing score on their permit test. Once those hours are completed along with passing grades on assignments and test you can go to your nearest location for your DE-964 form along with supporting documents to the DPS to get your permit. You will need your permit to start Phase 2 of the Drivers Education course.

Where do I Go to get course content for Distant Learning?

You will return to our website each and at the top of the webpage you will have a drop down menu where you will get access to the course content and the daily videos. The All Ages manager will give you a Distant Learning Packet that will give details of what you need to do and what links you need to follow to earn  credit for the course.

Will the course be hard?

Mr. James our drivers Ed instructor is here to help you every step of the way. He will be aviable for to answer all your questions on our Message Board, he can be reached through email and can return calls if you need a call back for more specific information. 

Important Documents for Parents and Students.

You will need to read and understand these documents prior to signing up for the course. Email the completed form to

Attendance Policy for All Ages Distant Learning (docx)


How to Guide Flyer Teen Drivers Ed Distant Learning (docx)


Distant Learning Information Form Parent Fill Out (docx)