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All Ages Coronavirus Information

On this page you will find general information as it applies to All ages Driving School and the Coronavirus. 

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All Ages CoronaVirus Information

Dear Parents and Students, as many of you are aware Federal, State, County and School District officials have made decisions that impact our students and their ability to attend class as it relates to the Coronavirus. We have made adjustments to help better serve our students and their parents as government officals make recommendations and take action to help protect the community. 

As of March 16th, 2020 All Ages Driving School has suspended classroom instruction and have taken TDLR recommendation of moving to Distant Learning for the remainder of the March Teen Classes. We have allowed students to check out text books that will serve as a primary source when completing assignments. The book is to be returned by or on March 26th, 2020. Each location will have their instructors provide assignments for students to complete in order to get credit for class. We will let parents know as more information and recommendations are given from TDLR and local officals as to what extent we will continue providing distant learning to our students. 

Please check this page often as it will be udpated regularly with information. Also here are some links that will help you stay informed during this crisis. 

Center for Disease Control COVID-19

Harris County Public Health Coronavirus

Texas Health and Human Services Coronavirus

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Coronavirus

Houston Area School Districts Closed until April 10th, 2020

All Locations of All Ages Driving School will be disinfecting and deep cleaning to ensure that we keep our studetns and customers safe. Please check the drop down menu on the top of the page to get more detailed information about your location assignments and instruction for the March Teen Classes. Also visit our Classroom Forum for assignments and to ask questions.


All Ages Coronavirus General Information Video

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