Adult Drivers Education


Adult Permit Class - 6 Hours

All Ages Driving School Adult Class is offers the best in drivers education instruction and preparation. We offer the adult class in both English and in Spanish and have classes every week to fit your schedule needs. The adult course covers the Texas DPS Handbook ensuring that you pass the written test (Road Signs and Road Rules). In the last hour of class you will be taking the written test that allows you to get your learners license and become eligible for the road test.

Getting your Learners License

Upon completion of the adult permit class you will receive your (ADE-1317) form that will allow you to get your learners license at the DPS. When you go to the DPS you must bring your ID (State ID or Birth Certificate) along with your social security. Your finger prints along with a picture for your ID will be taken. 

Adult In-Car instruction

At All Ages Driving School we offer instruction in how to operate a vehicle not only to teens but to adults 18 and up. We will provide in depth instruction to prepare you to pass your road test as well as become a safe and defensive driver. Call any of our locations throughout Houston to sign up today.

Road Test at All Ages

Most students who are adults and are seeking to get their license want to do so as quickly as possible. Many who take the class and go down to the DPS office to get their learners license soon learn that the waiting list for a road test at the DPS could be months away, keeping you from getting that much needed license. Here at All Ages we can administer the road test allowing you to skip months of waiting and get your license ASAP. Contact any of our All Ages Driving School locations to inquire about taking the Road Test Today. Please note that in order to take the road test you must have a valid learners license (permit) and have a completed ITTD certificate that is less then 90 days old. You can watch the video and receive your certificate here.


The Adult Drivers Education Class is $75 if you preregister and its $100 if you sign up the day of the class. Classes are held every Saturday at all of our All Ages Driving School Locations.

Community Safety Education Act Video

The Community Safety Education Act requires that driver education and driving safety curriculum include information about proper procedures for citizen and law enforcement interaction during traffic stops. The TDLR-approved video and Power Point presentation (both available for download on this page) must be incorporated into your curriculum by February 1, 2019, for all driver education courses and/or driving safety courses.

Community Safety Education Act PowerPoint